Rich Man Flips

Rich Man Flips:

May not be the best flips. But why not, you are rich


Buy Price: 65M coins
Sell Price: 50.53M coins
Buy Volume (Day): 13
Sell Volume (Day): 11
Margin: 14.47M (22.27 %)
Profit (Day): 159.22M coins


Buy Price: 24.74M coins
Sell Price: 19.36M coins
Buy Volume (Day): 65
Sell Volume (Day): 47
Margin: 5.38M (21.74 %)
Profit (Day): 252.78M coins


Buy Price: 22.69M coins
Sell Price: 18.11M coins
Buy Volume (Day): 9
Sell Volume (Day): 13
Margin: 4.58M (20.18 %)
Profit (Day): 41.22M coins


Buy Price: 19.08M coins
Sell Price: 15M coins
Buy Volume (Day): 23
Sell Volume (Day): 22
Margin: 4.08M (21.37 %)
Profit (Day): 89.71M coins


Buy Price: 17.25M coins
Sell Price: 13.21M coins
Buy Volume (Day): 146
Sell Volume (Day): 105
Margin: 4.04M (23.41 %)
Profit (Day): 423.94M coins


Buy Price: 15M coins
Sell Price: 12M coins
Buy Volume (Day): 15
Sell Volume (Day): 12
Margin: 3M (20.00 %)
Profit (Day): 36M coins


Buy Price: 17.5M coins
Sell Price: 15M coins
Buy Volume (Day): 224
Sell Volume (Day): 154
Margin: 2.5M (14.29 %)
Profit (Day): 385M coins

Daedalus Stick

Buy Price: 12.23M coins
Sell Price: 10.02M coins
Buy Volume (Day): 54
Sell Volume (Day): 17
Margin: 2.21M (18.10 %)
Profit (Day): 37.64M coins


Buy Price: 3.5M coins
Sell Price: 2.43M coins
Buy Volume (Day): 62
Sell Volume (Day): 76
Margin: 1.07M (30.54 %)
Profit (Day): 66.26M coins


Buy Price: 4.75M coins
Sell Price: 3.9M coins
Buy Volume (Day): 227
Sell Volume (Day): 160
Margin: 847.5K (17.85 %)
Profit (Day): 135.6M coins


Buy Price: 3.23M coins
Sell Price: 2.5M coins
Buy Volume (Day): 81
Sell Volume (Day): 105
Margin: 733.19K (22.68 %)
Profit (Day): 59.39M coins


Buy Price: 3.22M coins
Sell Price: 2.6M coins
Buy Volume (Day): 726
Sell Volume (Day): 499
Margin: 622.72K (19.32 %)
Profit (Day): 310.74M coins


Buy Price: 3.6M coins
Sell Price: 3.06M coins
Buy Volume (Day): 424
Sell Volume (Day): 285
Margin: 541.64K (15.05 %)
Profit (Day): 154.37M coins


Buy Price: 3.29M coins
Sell Price: 2.75M coins
Buy Volume (Day): 330
Sell Volume (Day): 350
Margin: 536.07K (16.31 %)
Profit (Day): 176.9M coins


Buy Price: 1.9M coins
Sell Price: 1.64M coins
Buy Volume (Day): 293
Sell Volume (Day): 235
Margin: 262K (13.79 %)
Profit (Day): 61.57M coins


Buy Price: 2.7M coins
Sell Price: 2.51M coins
Buy Volume (Day): 786
Sell Volume (Day): 547
Margin: 189.07K (7.00 %)
Profit (Day): 103.42M coins

Pumpkin Guts

Buy Price: 234K coins
Sell Price: 107.7K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 2.44K
Sell Volume (Day): 2.34K
Margin: 126.29K (53.97 %)
Profit (Day): 295.02M coins

Plasma Bucket

Buy Price: 4.85M coins
Sell Price: 4.73M coins
Buy Volume (Day): 500
Sell Volume (Day): 457
Margin: 116.44K (2.40 %)
Profit (Day): 53.22M coins

Recombobulator 3000

Buy Price: 5.78M coins
Sell Price: 5.66M coins
Buy Volume (Day): 3.76K
Sell Volume (Day): 3.38K
Margin: 115.16K (1.99 %)
Profit (Day): 388.79M coins

Soul Fragment

Buy Price: 918.81K coins
Sell Price: 817.38K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 448
Sell Volume (Day): 476
Margin: 101.43K (11.04 %)
Profit (Day): 45.44M coins

Magma Bucket

Buy Price: 1.89M coins
Sell Price: 1.8M coins
Buy Volume (Day): 770
Sell Volume (Day): 718
Margin: 90.11K (4.77 %)
Profit (Day): 64.7M coins

Golden Jerry Box

Buy Price: 1.28M coins
Sell Price: 1.21M coins
Buy Volume (Day): 735
Sell Volume (Day): 382
Margin: 76.94K (6.00 %)
Profit (Day): 29.39M coins

Dwarven Compactor

Buy Price: 733.94K coins
Sell Price: 662.76K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 843
Sell Volume (Day): 675
Margin: 71.18K (9.70 %)
Profit (Day): 48.04M coins

Great White Shark Tooth

Buy Price: 882.2K coins
Sell Price: 812.1K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 676
Sell Volume (Day): 252
Margin: 70.09K (7.95 %)
Profit (Day): 17.66M coins

Tightly-Tied Hay Bale

Buy Price: 495.42K coins
Sell Price: 427.21K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 288
Sell Volume (Day): 319
Margin: 68.2K (13.77 %)
Profit (Day): 19.64M coins

Enchanted Cooked Fish

Buy Price: 492.43K coins
Sell Price: 430.97K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 2.47K
Sell Volume (Day): 1.7K
Margin: 61.46K (12.48 %)
Profit (Day): 104.73M coins

Enchanted Blaze Rod

Buy Price: 334.5K coins
Sell Price: 277K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 2.71K
Sell Volume (Day): 3.58K
Margin: 57.5K (17.19 %)
Profit (Day): 155.88M coins

Booster Cookie

Buy Price: 2.7M coins
Sell Price: 2.64M coins
Buy Volume (Day): 12.28K
Sell Volume (Day): 12.85K
Margin: 56.96K (2.11 %)
Profit (Day): 699.24M coins

Enchanted Slime Block

Buy Price: 164.54K coins
Sell Price: 128K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 487
Sell Volume (Day): 682
Margin: 36.53K (22.20 %)
Profit (Day): 17.79M coins

Purple Jerry Box

Buy Price: 321K coins
Sell Price: 286.5K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 2.9K
Sell Volume (Day): 494
Margin: 34.5K (10.75 %)
Profit (Day): 17.04M coins