Cheapest Items

Cheapest Items:

The cheapest items on the bazaar


Buy Price: 0.20 coins
Sell Price: 0.10 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 4.25M
Sell Volume (Day): 11.89M
Margin: 0.10 (50.00 %)
Profit (Day): 424.6K coins


Buy Price: 0.40 coins
Sell Price: 0.30 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 2.39M
Sell Volume (Day): 18.97M
Margin: 0.10 (25.00 %)
Profit (Day): 238.53K coins


Buy Price: 0.90 coins
Sell Price: 0.70 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 3.95M
Sell Volume (Day): 10.02M
Margin: 0.20 (22.22 %)
Profit (Day): 789.41K coins


Buy Price: 1.70 coins
Sell Price: 1.10 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 1.35M
Sell Volume (Day): 15.11M
Margin: 0.60 (35.29 %)
Profit (Day): 811.81K coins


Buy Price: 1.90 coins
Sell Price: 1.30 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 5.34M
Sell Volume (Day): 8.92M
Margin: 0.60 (31.58 %)
Profit (Day): 3.2M coins


Buy Price: 2.00 coins
Sell Price: 1.40 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 3.55M
Sell Volume (Day): 20.37M
Margin: 0.60 (30.00 %)
Profit (Day): 2.13M coins


Buy Price: 2.20 coins
Sell Price: 0.80 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 440.87K
Sell Volume (Day): 1.04M
Margin: 1.40 (63.64 %)
Profit (Day): 617.22K coins

Dark Oak Wood

Buy Price: 2.40 coins
Sell Price: 1.80 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 1.5M
Sell Volume (Day): 7.17M
Margin: 0.60 (25.00 %)
Profit (Day): 897.52K coins

Sugar Cane

Buy Price: 2.40 coins
Sell Price: 1.40 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 7.09M
Sell Volume (Day): 17.16M
Margin: 1.00 (41.67 %)
Profit (Day): 7.09M coins

Revenant Flesh

Buy Price: 2.50 coins
Sell Price: 2.00 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 3.67M
Sell Volume (Day): 6.84M
Margin: 0.50 (20.00 %)
Profit (Day): 1.83M coins

Cocoa Beans

Buy Price: 2.50 coins
Sell Price: 2.30 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 1.29M
Sell Volume (Day): 6.43M
Margin: 0.20 (8.00 %)
Profit (Day): 257.99K coins


Buy Price: 2.70 coins
Sell Price: 1.90 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 973.23K
Sell Volume (Day): 5.12M
Margin: 0.80 (29.63 %)
Profit (Day): 778.58K coins


Buy Price: 2.70 coins
Sell Price: 1.30 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 7.83M
Sell Volume (Day): 12.23M
Margin: 1.40 (51.85 %)
Profit (Day): 10.96M coins

Acacia Wood

Buy Price: 2.70 coins
Sell Price: 1.90 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 463.71K
Sell Volume (Day): 2.22M
Margin: 0.80 (29.63 %)
Profit (Day): 370.97K coins


Buy Price: 3.50 coins
Sell Price: 2.40 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 2.58M
Sell Volume (Day): 4.55M
Margin: 1.10 (31.43 %)
Profit (Day): 2.84M coins

Birch Wood

Buy Price: 3.50 coins
Sell Price: 2.10 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 529.34K
Sell Volume (Day): 3.04M
Margin: 1.40 (40.00 %)
Profit (Day): 741.08K coins

Lapis Lazuli

Buy Price: 3.60 coins
Sell Price: 3.50 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 1.95M
Sell Volume (Day): 8.38M
Margin: 0.10 (2.78 %)
Profit (Day): 194.55K coins


Buy Price: 3.70 coins
Sell Price: 3.30 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 1.7M
Sell Volume (Day): 4.26M
Margin: 0.40 (10.81 %)
Profit (Day): 679.88K coins


Buy Price: 3.70 coins
Sell Price: 2.20 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 4.74M
Sell Volume (Day): 11.57M
Margin: 1.50 (40.54 %)
Profit (Day): 7.11M coins

Nether Wart

Buy Price: 3.70 coins
Sell Price: 2.40 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 17.86M
Sell Volume (Day): 27.04M
Margin: 1.30 (35.14 %)
Profit (Day): 23.22M coins


Buy Price: 4.30 coins
Sell Price: 2.80 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 11.77M
Sell Volume (Day): 14.44M
Margin: 1.50 (34.88 %)
Profit (Day): 17.65M coins

Raw Rabbit

Buy Price: 4.50 coins
Sell Price: 2.70 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 460.08K
Sell Volume (Day): 725.78K
Margin: 1.80 (40.00 %)
Profit (Day): 828.15K coins

Raw Beef

Buy Price: 4.70 coins
Sell Price: 2.30 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 632.78K
Sell Volume (Day): 1.1M
Margin: 2.40 (51.06 %)
Profit (Day): 1.52M coins


Buy Price: 4.80 coins
Sell Price: 2.50 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 181.43K
Sell Volume (Day): 709.02K
Margin: 2.30 (47.92 %)
Profit (Day): 417.29K coins

End Stone

Buy Price: 5.00 coins
Sell Price: 3.20 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 997.71K
Sell Volume (Day): 3.3M
Margin: 1.80 (36.00 %)
Profit (Day): 1.8M coins

Prismarine Shard

Buy Price: 5.10 coins
Sell Price: 3.30 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 284.97K
Sell Volume (Day): 2.23M
Margin: 1.80 (35.29 %)
Profit (Day): 512.94K coins

Spider Eye

Buy Price: 5.70 coins
Sell Price: 4.40 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 407.8K
Sell Volume (Day): 4.09M
Margin: 1.30 (22.81 %)
Profit (Day): 530.14K coins


Buy Price: 5.90 coins
Sell Price: 4.20 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 1.33M
Sell Volume (Day): 78.92M
Margin: 1.70 (28.81 %)
Profit (Day): 2.26M coins

Shark Bait

Buy Price: 5.90 coins
Sell Price: 2.10 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 63.53K
Sell Volume (Day): 224.96K
Margin: 3.80 (64.41 %)
Profit (Day): 241.42K coins


Buy Price: 6.00 coins
Sell Price: 5.00 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 5.94M
Sell Volume (Day): 53.07M
Margin: 1.00 (16.67 %)
Profit (Day): 5.94M coins

Snow Block

Buy Price: 6.50 coins
Sell Price: 4.20 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 3.64M
Sell Volume (Day): 4.62M
Margin: 2.30 (35.38 %)
Profit (Day): 8.36M coins


Buy Price: 6.60 coins
Sell Price: 5.10 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 5.33M
Sell Volume (Day): 18.86M
Margin: 1.50 (22.73 %)
Profit (Day): 7.99M coins

Ender Pearl

Buy Price: 6.90 coins
Sell Price: 6.20 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 3.93M
Sell Volume (Day): 30.14M
Margin: 0.70 (10.14 %)
Profit (Day): 2.75M coins


Buy Price: 6.90 coins
Sell Price: 5.40 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 1.86M
Sell Volume (Day): 7.76M
Margin: 1.50 (21.74 %)
Profit (Day): 2.79M coins

Prismarine Crystals

Buy Price: 6.90 coins
Sell Price: 3.90 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 530.04K
Sell Volume (Day): 2.15M
Margin: 3.00 (43.48 %)
Profit (Day): 1.59M coins

Spruce Wood

Buy Price: 7.00 coins
Sell Price: 5.20 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 814.91K
Sell Volume (Day): 3.5M
Margin: 1.80 (25.71 %)
Profit (Day): 1.47M coins

Oak Wood

Buy Price: 7.40 coins
Sell Price: 5.40 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 2.09M
Sell Volume (Day): 9.27M
Margin: 2.00 (27.03 %)
Profit (Day): 4.17M coins


Buy Price: 7.60 coins
Sell Price: 6.10 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 344.48K
Sell Volume (Day): 22.9M
Margin: 1.50 (19.74 %)
Profit (Day): 516.72K coins

Rotten Flesh

Buy Price: 7.60 coins
Sell Price: 7.00 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 1.14M
Sell Volume (Day): 14.39M
Margin: 0.60 (7.89 %)
Profit (Day): 683.01K coins


Buy Price: 7.70 coins
Sell Price: 6.10 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 390.55K
Sell Volume (Day): 36.88M
Margin: 1.60 (20.78 %)
Profit (Day): 624.88K coins


Buy Price: 7.80 coins
Sell Price: 5.80 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 887.79K
Sell Volume (Day): 47.63M
Margin: 2.00 (25.64 %)
Profit (Day): 1.78M coins

Raw Chicken

Buy Price: 8.00 coins
Sell Price: 4.20 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 483.87K
Sell Volume (Day): 696.86K
Margin: 3.80 (47.50 %)
Profit (Day): 1.84M coins


Buy Price: 8.00 coins
Sell Price: 6.50 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 117.71K
Sell Volume (Day): 11.88M
Margin: 1.50 (18.75 %)
Profit (Day): 176.56K coins


Buy Price: 8.00 coins
Sell Price: 6.10 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 1.88M
Sell Volume (Day): 7.41M
Margin: 1.90 (23.75 %)
Profit (Day): 3.57M coins

Jungle Wood

Buy Price: 8.10 coins
Sell Price: 5.90 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 1.16M
Sell Volume (Day): 5.84M
Margin: 2.20 (27.16 %)
Profit (Day): 2.56M coins


Buy Price: 9.00 coins
Sell Price: 6.20 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 175.22K
Sell Volume (Day): 12.45M
Margin: 2.80 (31.11 %)
Profit (Day): 490.61K coins


Buy Price: 9.30 coins
Sell Price: 5.90 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 155.11K
Sell Volume (Day): 21.87M
Margin: 3.40 (36.56 %)
Profit (Day): 527.37K coins


Buy Price: 9.90 coins
Sell Price: 7.50 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 2.2M
Sell Volume (Day): 30.15M
Margin: 2.40 (24.24 %)
Profit (Day): 5.27M coins

Iron Ingot

Buy Price: 9.90 coins
Sell Price: 9.40 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 2.09M
Sell Volume (Day): 16.35M
Margin: 0.50 (5.05 %)
Profit (Day): 1.04M coins


Buy Price: 10.00 coins
Sell Price: 9.10 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 882.47K
Sell Volume (Day): 51.29M
Margin: 0.90 (9.00 %)
Profit (Day): 794.22K coins

Brown Mushroom

Buy Price: 10.20 coins
Sell Price: 6.10 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 637.67K
Sell Volume (Day): 1.2M
Margin: 4.10 (40.20 %)
Profit (Day): 2.61M coins

Magma Cream

Buy Price: 10.50 coins
Sell Price: 6.90 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 595.12K
Sell Volume (Day): 1.53M
Margin: 3.60 (34.29 %)
Profit (Day): 2.14M coins

Brown Mushroom Block

Buy Price: 10.80 coins
Sell Price: 6.70 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 5.04K
Sell Volume (Day): 63K
Margin: 4.10 (37.96 %)
Profit (Day): 20.65K coins

Raw Salmon

Buy Price: 11.70 coins
Sell Price: 9.20 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 445.33K
Sell Volume (Day): 6.66M
Margin: 2.50 (21.37 %)
Profit (Day): 1.11M coins

Gold Ingot

Buy Price: 11.80 coins
Sell Price: 10.10 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 3.17M
Sell Volume (Day): 11.08M
Margin: 1.70 (14.41 %)
Profit (Day): 5.4M coins


Buy Price: 11.80 coins
Sell Price: 9.50 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 104.27K
Sell Volume (Day): 1.34M
Margin: 2.30 (19.49 %)
Profit (Day): 239.83K coins


Buy Price: 12.80 coins
Sell Price: 11.80 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 1.65M
Sell Volume (Day): 3.7M
Margin: 1.00 (7.81 %)
Profit (Day): 1.65M coins

Rabbit's Foot

Buy Price: 13.30 coins
Sell Price: 8.20 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 204.77K
Sell Volume (Day): 750.06K
Margin: 5.10 (38.35 %)
Profit (Day): 1.04M coins

Raw Porkchop

Buy Price: 13.50 coins
Sell Price: 8.70 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 850.7K
Sell Volume (Day): 1.08M
Margin: 4.80 (35.56 %)
Profit (Day): 4.08M coins


Buy Price: 14.10 coins
Sell Price: 11.10 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 1.01M
Sell Volume (Day): 1.16M
Margin: 3.00 (21.28 %)
Profit (Day): 3.04M coins

Tarantula Web

Buy Price: 14.30 coins
Sell Price: 13.50 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 2.63M
Sell Volume (Day): 2.74M
Margin: 0.80 (5.59 %)
Profit (Day): 2.1M coins

Nether Quartz

Buy Price: 14.60 coins
Sell Price: 12.20 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 2.88M
Sell Volume (Day): 7.53M
Margin: 2.40 (16.44 %)
Profit (Day): 6.91M coins

Red Mushroom

Buy Price: 14.90 coins
Sell Price: 10.50 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 505.59K
Sell Volume (Day): 1.41M
Margin: 4.40 (29.53 %)
Profit (Day): 2.22M coins

Glowstone Dust

Buy Price: 15.60 coins
Sell Price: 12.80 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 4.64M
Sell Volume (Day): 5.37M
Margin: 2.80 (17.95 %)
Profit (Day): 12.98M coins


Buy Price: 16.40 coins
Sell Price: 12.70 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 293.3K
Sell Volume (Day): 4.54M
Margin: 3.70 (22.56 %)
Profit (Day): 1.09M coins

Raw Fish

Buy Price: 16.90 coins
Sell Price: 14.60 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 2.88M
Sell Volume (Day): 10.58M
Margin: 2.30 (13.61 %)
Profit (Day): 6.61M coins

Minnow Bait

Buy Price: 17.30 coins
Sell Price: 9.30 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 38.92K
Sell Volume (Day): 60.15K
Margin: 8.00 (46.24 %)
Profit (Day): 311.33K coins


Buy Price: 17.70 coins
Sell Price: 12.30 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 422.9K
Sell Volume (Day): 574.42K
Margin: 5.40 (30.51 %)
Profit (Day): 2.28M coins


Buy Price: 20.40 coins
Sell Price: 11.40 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 73.39K
Sell Volume (Day): 3.24M
Margin: 9.00 (44.12 %)
Profit (Day): 660.51K coins


Buy Price: 20.90 coins
Sell Price: 20.80 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 632.04K
Sell Volume (Day): 2.96M
Margin: 0.10 (0.48 %)
Profit (Day): 63.2K coins

Hay Bale

Buy Price: 24.30 coins
Sell Price: 16.80 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 495.47K
Sell Volume (Day): 871.35K
Margin: 7.50 (30.86 %)
Profit (Day): 3.72M coins


Buy Price: 24.50 coins
Sell Price: 22.10 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 1.66M
Sell Volume (Day): 13.45M
Margin: 2.40 (9.80 %)
Profit (Day): 3.98M coins

Experience Bottle

Buy Price: 34.30 coins
Sell Price: 31.80 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 555.54K
Sell Volume (Day): 511.17K
Margin: 2.50 (7.29 %)
Profit (Day): 1.28M coins


Buy Price: 35.70 coins
Sell Price: 28.80 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 1.54M
Sell Volume (Day): 2.26M
Margin: 6.90 (19.33 %)
Profit (Day): 10.62M coins

Ice Bait

Buy Price: 36.50 coins
Sell Price: 31.50 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 219.18K
Sell Volume (Day): 283.29K
Margin: 5.00 (13.70 %)
Profit (Day): 1.1M coins

Rabbit Hide

Buy Price: 39.50 coins
Sell Price: 30.80 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 70.67K
Sell Volume (Day): 498.41K
Margin: 8.70 (22.03 %)
Profit (Day): 614.81K coins

Red Mushroom Block

Buy Price: 39.70 coins
Sell Price: 26.90 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 47.15K
Sell Volume (Day): 291.49K
Margin: 12.80 (32.24 %)
Profit (Day): 603.49K coins

Carrot Bait

Buy Price: 42.00 coins
Sell Price: 21.00 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 162.64K
Sell Volume (Day): 108.06K
Margin: 21.00 (50.00 %)
Profit (Day): 2.27M coins

Blaze Rod

Buy Price: 44.00 coins
Sell Price: 34.80 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 2.67M
Sell Volume (Day): 4.24M
Margin: 9.20 (20.91 %)
Profit (Day): 24.55M coins


Buy Price: 46.00 coins
Sell Price: 40.00 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 3.3M
Sell Volume (Day): 7.22M
Margin: 6.00 (13.04 %)
Profit (Day): 19.78M coins

Ghast Tear

Buy Price: 48.50 coins
Sell Price: 32.70 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 240.6K
Sell Volume (Day): 445.41K
Margin: 15.80 (32.58 %)
Profit (Day): 3.8M coins


Buy Price: 52.80 coins
Sell Price: 38.00 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 1.44M
Sell Volume (Day): 2.08M
Margin: 14.80 (28.03 %)
Profit (Day): 21.29M coins

Packed Ice

Buy Price: 56.00 coins
Sell Price: 44.80 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 2.06M
Sell Volume (Day): 4.7M
Margin: 11.20 (20.00 %)
Profit (Day): 23.05M coins

Spooky Bait

Buy Price: 56.70 coins
Sell Price: 34.60 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 280.56K
Sell Volume (Day): 282.5K
Margin: 22.10 (38.98 %)
Profit (Day): 6.2M coins

Enchanted Bread

Buy Price: 59.00 coins
Sell Price: 53.60 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 32.1K
Sell Volume (Day): 234.32K
Margin: 5.40 (9.15 %)
Profit (Day): 173.36K coins


Buy Price: 62.10 coins
Sell Price: 45.30 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 130.07K
Sell Volume (Day): 1.46M
Margin: 16.80 (27.05 %)
Profit (Day): 2.19M coins

Light Bait

Buy Price: 65.20 coins
Sell Price: 43.80 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 121.73K
Sell Volume (Day): 180.71K
Margin: 21.40 (32.82 %)
Profit (Day): 2.61M coins

Spiked Bait

Buy Price: 68.60 coins
Sell Price: 48.60 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 628.59K
Sell Volume (Day): 488.62K
Margin: 20.00 (29.15 %)
Profit (Day): 9.77M coins

Enchanted Seeds

Buy Price: 79.30 coins
Sell Price: 69.60 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 48.02K
Sell Volume (Day): 369.26K
Margin: 9.70 (12.23 %)
Profit (Day): 465.8K coins

Lily Pad

Buy Price: 82.80 coins
Sell Price: 69.20 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 259.82K
Sell Volume (Day): 1.7M
Margin: 13.60 (16.43 %)
Profit (Day): 3.53M coins

Wolf Tooth

Buy Price: 89.70 coins
Sell Price: 85.20 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 970.18K
Sell Volume (Day): 1.98M
Margin: 4.50 (5.02 %)
Profit (Day): 4.37M coins

Fish Bait

Buy Price: 90.00 coins
Sell Price: 56.40 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 739.16K
Sell Volume (Day): 966.24K
Margin: 33.60 (37.33 %)
Profit (Day): 24.84M coins


Buy Price: 130.90 coins
Sell Price: 107.30 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 187.99K
Sell Volume (Day): 5.46M
Margin: 23.60 (18.03 %)
Profit (Day): 4.44M coins

Shark Fin

Buy Price: 146.60 coins
Sell Price: 90.60 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 47K
Sell Volume (Day): 38.92K
Margin: 56.00 (38.20 %)
Profit (Day): 2.18M coins

Enchanted Ender Pearl

Buy Price: 172.20 coins
Sell Price: 136.40 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 885.69K
Sell Volume (Day): 2.02M
Margin: 35.80 (20.79 %)
Profit (Day): 31.71M coins

Enchanted Melon

Buy Price: 185.40 coins
Sell Price: 163.40 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 1.15M
Sell Volume (Day): 1.35M
Margin: 22.00 (11.87 %)
Profit (Day): 25.28M coins

Enchanted Potato

Buy Price: 194.90 coins
Sell Price: 172.20 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 411.34K
Sell Volume (Day): 1.38M
Margin: 22.70 (11.65 %)
Profit (Day): 9.34M coins

Enchanted Carrot

Buy Price: 241.90 coins
Sell Price: 241.30 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 1.47M
Sell Volume (Day): 6.46M
Margin: 0.60 (0.25 %)
Profit (Day): 880.39K coins

Raw Soulflow

Buy Price: 256.80 coins
Sell Price: 211.10 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 160.82K
Sell Volume (Day): 220.87K
Margin: 45.70 (17.80 %)
Profit (Day): 7.35M coins

Ancient Claw

Buy Price: 269.60 coins
Sell Price: 201.20 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 64.06K
Sell Volume (Day): 28.52K
Margin: 68.40 (25.37 %)
Profit (Day): 1.95M coins


Buy Price: 276.10 coins
Sell Price: 199.10 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 34.06K
Sell Volume (Day): 39.77K
Margin: 77.00 (27.89 %)
Profit (Day): 2.62M coins

Blessed Bait

Buy Price: 290.00 coins
Sell Price: 185.40 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 101.98K
Sell Volume (Day): 110.58K
Margin: 104.60 (36.07 %)
Profit (Day): 10.67M coins

Enchanted Redstone

Buy Price: 311.80 coins
Sell Price: 283.20 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 1.1M
Sell Volume (Day): 2.04M
Margin: 28.60 (9.17 %)
Profit (Day): 31.51M coins

Enchanted Sugar

Buy Price: 336.70 coins
Sell Price: 320.70 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 281.47K
Sell Volume (Day): 1.41M
Margin: 16.00 (4.75 %)
Profit (Day): 4.5M coins

Enchanted Ghast Tear

Buy Price: 349.80 coins
Sell Price: 255.30 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 317.57K
Sell Volume (Day): 502.37K
Margin: 94.50 (27.02 %)
Profit (Day): 30.01M coins

Enchanted Dark Oak Wood

Buy Price: 383.00 coins
Sell Price: 335.90 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 412.3K
Sell Volume (Day): 460.92K
Margin: 47.10 (12.30 %)
Profit (Day): 19.42M coins

Enchanted Birch Wood

Buy Price: 394.80 coins
Sell Price: 70.00 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 214.71K
Sell Volume (Day): 211.23K
Margin: 324.80 (82.27 %)
Profit (Day): 68.61M coins

Enchanted Prismarine Shard

Buy Price: 398.40 coins
Sell Price: 384.20 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 14.24K
Sell Volume (Day): 91.32K
Margin: 14.20 (3.56 %)
Profit (Day): 202.25K coins

Enchanted Bone

Buy Price: 429.70 coins
Sell Price: 377.90 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 290.55K
Sell Volume (Day): 381.08K
Margin: 51.80 (12.05 %)
Profit (Day): 15.05M coins

Enchanted Paper

Buy Price: 445.40 coins
Sell Price: 338.20 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 48.28K
Sell Volume (Day): 50.71K
Margin: 107.20 (24.07 %)
Profit (Day): 5.18M coins

Enchanted Prismarine Crystals

Buy Price: 446.90 coins
Sell Price: 374.70 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 9.34K
Sell Volume (Day): 93.48K
Margin: 72.20 (16.16 %)
Profit (Day): 674.13K coins

Enchanted Acacia Wood

Buy Price: 454.00 coins
Sell Price: 390.30 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 204.76K
Sell Volume (Day): 229.25K
Margin: 63.70 (14.03 %)
Profit (Day): 13.04M coins

Enchanted Nether Wart

Buy Price: 477.40 coins
Sell Price: 471.30 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 296.08K
Sell Volume (Day): 10.3M
Margin: 6.10 (1.28 %)
Profit (Day): 1.81M coins

Enchanted Cocoa Bean

Buy Price: 477.60 coins
Sell Price: 467.30 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 384.18K
Sell Volume (Day): 2.64M
Margin: 10.30 (2.16 %)
Profit (Day): 3.96M coins

Enchanted Feather

Buy Price: 477.90 coins
Sell Price: 471.00 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 73.68K
Sell Volume (Day): 280.97K
Margin: 6.90 (1.44 %)
Profit (Day): 508.36K coins

Enchanted Clay

Buy Price: 478.30 coins
Sell Price: 468.00 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 3.56M
Sell Volume (Day): 24.76M
Margin: 10.30 (2.15 %)
Profit (Day): 36.71M coins

Enchanted Snow Block

Buy Price: 595.60 coins
Sell Price: 589.00 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 2.59M
Sell Volume (Day): 15.2M
Margin: 6.60 (1.11 %)
Profit (Day): 17.11M coins

Enchanted Sand

Buy Price: 609.30 coins
Sell Price: 446.70 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 193.85K
Sell Volume (Day): 245.7K
Margin: 162.60 (26.69 %)
Profit (Day): 31.52M coins


Buy Price: 637.00 coins
Sell Price: 607.70 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 551K
Sell Volume (Day): 8.37M
Margin: 29.30 (4.60 %)
Profit (Day): 16.14M coins

Enchanted Ice

Buy Price: 638.20 coins
Sell Price: 565.00 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 223.87K
Sell Volume (Day): 410.01K
Margin: 73.20 (11.47 %)
Profit (Day): 16.39M coins

Enchanted Raw Rabbit

Buy Price: 638.30 coins
Sell Price: 500.20 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 71.68K
Sell Volume (Day): 174.88K
Margin: 138.10 (21.64 %)
Profit (Day): 9.9M coins


Buy Price: 638.40 coins
Sell Price: 603.50 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 523.2K
Sell Volume (Day): 11.53M
Margin: 34.90 (5.47 %)
Profit (Day): 18.26M coins


Buy Price: 640.60 coins
Sell Price: 606.90 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 12.86K
Sell Volume (Day): 906.67K
Margin: 33.70 (5.26 %)
Profit (Day): 433.42K coins

Enchanted Glowstone Dust

Buy Price: 641.10 coins
Sell Price: 571.10 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 276.97K
Sell Volume (Day): 300.32K
Margin: 70.00 (10.92 %)
Profit (Day): 19.39M coins


Buy Price: 643.40 coins
Sell Price: 605.60 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 12.12K
Sell Volume (Day): 678.21K
Margin: 37.80 (5.88 %)
Profit (Day): 458.02K coins


Buy Price: 647.30 coins
Sell Price: 603.20 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 41.39K
Sell Volume (Day): 959.14K
Margin: 44.10 (6.81 %)
Profit (Day): 1.83M coins

Enchanted Raw Chicken

Buy Price: 648.30 coins
Sell Price: 616.00 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 237.95K
Sell Volume (Day): 285.85K
Margin: 32.30 (4.98 %)
Profit (Day): 7.69M coins


Buy Price: 657.30 coins
Sell Price: 608.90 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 49.89K
Sell Volume (Day): 3.14M
Margin: 48.40 (7.36 %)
Profit (Day): 2.41M coins

Enchanted Lapis Lazuli

Buy Price: 673.50 coins
Sell Price: 627.80 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 935.48K
Sell Volume (Day): 2.82M
Margin: 45.70 (6.79 %)
Profit (Day): 42.75M coins

Enchanted Cactus Green

Buy Price: 728.50 coins
Sell Price: 647.70 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 191.72K
Sell Volume (Day): 113.42K
Margin: 80.80 (11.09 %)
Profit (Day): 9.16M coins

Green Candy

Buy Price: 730.50 coins
Sell Price: 674.30 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 600.27K
Sell Volume (Day): 748.76K
Margin: 56.20 (7.69 %)
Profit (Day): 33.74M coins

Enchanted Netherrack

Buy Price: 739.50 coins
Sell Price: 275.80 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 4.12K
Sell Volume (Day): 13.62K
Margin: 463.70 (62.70 %)
Profit (Day): 1.91M coins

Enchanted Raw Beef

Buy Price: 765.00 coins
Sell Price: 630.40 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 255.6K
Sell Volume (Day): 304.78K
Margin: 134.60 (17.59 %)
Profit (Day): 34.4M coins

Ink Sack

Buy Price: 804.60 coins
Sell Price: 730.80 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 136.94K
Sell Volume (Day): 763.41K
Margin: 73.80 (9.17 %)
Profit (Day): 10.11M coins

Enchanted Brown Mushroom

Buy Price: 804.90 coins
Sell Price: 640.40 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 59.55K
Sell Volume (Day): 80.86K
Margin: 164.50 (20.44 %)
Profit (Day): 9.8M coins

Enchanted Spider Eye

Buy Price: 837.40 coins
Sell Price: 723.40 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 308.78K
Sell Volume (Day): 774.48K
Margin: 114.00 (13.61 %)
Profit (Day): 35.2M coins

Enchanted End Stone

Buy Price: 882.90 coins
Sell Price: 675.10 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 175.89K
Sell Volume (Day): 197.3K
Margin: 207.80 (23.54 %)
Profit (Day): 36.55M coins

Enchanted Coal

Buy Price: 935.20 coins
Sell Price: 889.30 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 321.95K
Sell Volume (Day): 825.99K
Margin: 45.90 (4.91 %)
Profit (Day): 14.78M coins


Buy Price: 935.90 coins
Sell Price: 747.50 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 420.87K
Sell Volume (Day): 916.94K
Margin: 188.40 (20.13 %)
Profit (Day): 79.29M coins

Dark Bait

Buy Price: 980.60 coins
Sell Price: 811.30 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 30.67K
Sell Volume (Day): 51.19K
Margin: 169.30 (17.26 %)
Profit (Day): 5.19M coins

Enchanted Emerald

Buy Price: 1.01K coins
Sell Price: 957.30 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 235.62K
Sell Volume (Day): 319.65K
Margin: 51.70 (5.12 %)
Profit (Day): 12.18M coins


Buy Price: 1.07K coins
Sell Price: 961.80 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 15.55K
Sell Volume (Day): 155.44K
Margin: 110.40 (10.30 %)
Profit (Day): 1.72M coins

Enchanted Cobblestone

Buy Price: 1.1K coins
Sell Price: 1K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 1.04M
Sell Volume (Day): 3.09M
Margin: 102.90 (9.32 %)
Profit (Day): 106.86M coins

Enchanted Pumpkin

Buy Price: 1.16K coins
Sell Price: 1.05K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 301.42K
Sell Volume (Day): 647.56K
Margin: 114.40 (9.86 %)
Profit (Day): 34.48M coins

Enchanted Spruce Wood

Buy Price: 1.19K coins
Sell Price: 800.00 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 249.96K
Sell Volume (Day): 240.57K
Margin: 392.50 (32.91 %)
Profit (Day): 94.42M coins

Enchanted Rotten Flesh

Buy Price: 1.2K coins
Sell Price: 1.12K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 657.35K
Sell Volume (Day): 765.82K
Margin: 74.70 (6.23 %)
Profit (Day): 49.1M coins

Enchanted Diamond

Buy Price: 1.28K coins
Sell Price: 1.27K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 1.05M
Sell Volume (Day): 7.73M
Margin: 7.00 (0.55 %)
Profit (Day): 7.34M coins

Enchanted Oak Wood

Buy Price: 1.3K coins
Sell Price: 1.2K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 624.42K
Sell Volume (Day): 803.42K
Margin: 96.30 (7.42 %)
Profit (Day): 60.13M coins

Enchanted String

Buy Price: 1.31K coins
Sell Price: 1.11K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 582.51K
Sell Volume (Day): 1.74M
Margin: 198.80 (15.19 %)
Profit (Day): 115.8M coins

Enchanted Magma Cream

Buy Price: 1.33K coins
Sell Price: 1.27K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 90.91K
Sell Volume (Day): 286.25K
Margin: 59.90 (4.52 %)
Profit (Day): 5.45M coins

Enchanted Jungle Wood

Buy Price: 1.36K coins
Sell Price: 1.22K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 445.16K
Sell Volume (Day): 387.81K
Margin: 134.20 (9.88 %)
Profit (Day): 52.04M coins

Enchanted Egg

Buy Price: 1.4K coins
Sell Price: 1.22K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 11.63K
Sell Volume (Day): 73.97K
Margin: 184.50 (13.17 %)
Profit (Day): 2.15M coins

Enchanted Charcoal

Buy Price: 1.4K coins
Sell Price: 1.25K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 30.36K
Sell Volume (Day): 29.48K
Margin: 151.90 (10.82 %)
Profit (Day): 4.48M coins

Enchanted Pork

Buy Price: 1.54K coins
Sell Price: 1.38K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 118.06K
Sell Volume (Day): 122.61K
Margin: 154.80 (10.07 %)
Profit (Day): 18.28M coins

Enchanted Raw Salmon

Buy Price: 1.6K coins
Sell Price: 1.59K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 29.67K
Sell Volume (Day): 306.34K
Margin: 4.90 (0.31 %)
Profit (Day): 145.39K coins

Enchanted Mithril

Buy Price: 1.62K coins
Sell Price: 1.57K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 522.54K
Sell Volume (Day): 1.47M
Margin: 43.20 (2.67 %)
Profit (Day): 22.57M coins

Null Sphere

Buy Price: 1.65K coins
Sell Price: 1.62K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 1.03M
Sell Volume (Day): 4.68M
Margin: 25.40 (1.54 %)
Profit (Day): 26.27M coins

Enchanted Gunpowder

Buy Price: 1.65K coins
Sell Price: 1.38K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 86.43K
Sell Volume (Day): 86.31K
Margin: 266.30 (16.17 %)
Profit (Day): 22.99M coins

Whale Bait

Buy Price: 1.7K coins
Sell Price: 1.58K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 315.5K
Sell Volume (Day): 252.26K
Margin: 113.30 (6.67 %)
Profit (Day): 28.58M coins

Enchanted Iron

Buy Price: 1.72K coins
Sell Price: 1.63K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 566.37K
Sell Volume (Day): 1.08M
Margin: 93.40 (5.43 %)
Profit (Day): 52.9M coins

Enchanted Gold

Buy Price: 1.94K coins
Sell Price: 1.86K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 533.97K
Sell Volume (Day): 1.06M
Margin: 82.00 (4.23 %)
Profit (Day): 43.79M coins

Blue Shark Tooth

Buy Price: 2.14K coins
Sell Price: 1.54K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 3.57K
Sell Volume (Day): 5.75K
Margin: 598.60 (27.97 %)
Profit (Day): 2.14M coins

Enchanted Sponge

Buy Price: 2.16K coins
Sell Price: 2.08K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 25.29K
Sell Volume (Day): 153.68K
Margin: 71.20 (3.30 %)
Profit (Day): 1.8M coins

Enchanted Quartz

Buy Price: 2.2K coins
Sell Price: 1.85K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 385.18K
Sell Volume (Day): 1.91M
Margin: 344.20 (15.65 %)
Profit (Day): 132.58M coins

Enchanted Blaze Powder

Buy Price: 2.38K coins
Sell Price: 2.12K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 98.84K
Sell Volume (Day): 105.77K
Margin: 254.00 (10.68 %)
Profit (Day): 25.11M coins

Enchanted Pufferfish

Buy Price: 2.44K coins
Sell Price: 2.36K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 31.21K
Sell Volume (Day): 181.06K
Margin: 76.40 (3.14 %)
Profit (Day): 2.38M coins

Unstable Fragment

Buy Price: 2.49K coins
Sell Price: 2.42K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 50.27K
Sell Volume (Day): 154.44K
Margin: 74.50 (2.99 %)
Profit (Day): 3.75M coins

Protector Fragment

Buy Price: 2.55K coins
Sell Price: 2.4K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 15.83K
Sell Volume (Day): 29.65K
Margin: 140.50 (5.52 %)
Profit (Day): 2.22M coins

Enchanted Rabbit Foot

Buy Price: 2.55K coins
Sell Price: 2K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 63.02K
Sell Volume (Day): 59.55K
Margin: 550.80 (21.60 %)
Profit (Day): 32.8M coins

Enchanted Mutton

Buy Price: 2.55K coins
Sell Price: 2.38K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 193.07K
Sell Volume (Day): 179.37K
Margin: 176.20 (6.90 %)
Profit (Day): 31.61M coins

Old Fragment

Buy Price: 2.67K coins
Sell Price: 2.45K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 22.89K
Sell Volume (Day): 39.44K
Margin: 222.30 (8.32 %)
Profit (Day): 5.09M coins

Holy Fragment

Buy Price: 2.81K coins
Sell Price: 2.4K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 27.33K
Sell Volume (Day): 213.61K
Margin: 411.50 (14.63 %)
Profit (Day): 11.25M coins

Enchanted Slimeball

Buy Price: 2.84K coins
Sell Price: 1.82K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 105.67K
Sell Volume (Day): 81.65K
Margin: 1.02K (36.06 %)
Profit (Day): 83.75M coins

Enchanted Red Mushroom

Buy Price: 2.86K coins
Sell Price: 2.52K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 91.04K
Sell Volume (Day): 79.99K
Margin: 339.50 (11.88 %)
Profit (Day): 27.16M coins

Young Fragment

Buy Price: 2.9K coins
Sell Price: 2.59K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 101.77K
Sell Volume (Day): 199.42K
Margin: 308.70 (10.66 %)
Profit (Day): 31.42M coins


Buy Price: 2.9K coins
Sell Price: 2.8K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 562.93K
Sell Volume (Day): 1.58M
Margin: 96.50 (3.33 %)
Profit (Day): 54.32M coins

Enchanted Raw Fish

Buy Price: 2.93K coins
Sell Price: 2.65K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 357.57K
Sell Volume (Day): 562.48K
Margin: 272.40 (9.31 %)
Profit (Day): 97.4M coins

Enchanted Clownfish

Buy Price: 3.25K coins
Sell Price: 3.16K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 4.27K
Sell Volume (Day): 52.18K
Margin: 89.90 (2.77 %)
Profit (Day): 383.6K coins

Enchanted Flint

Buy Price: 3.53K coins
Sell Price: 3.46K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 190.76K
Sell Volume (Day): 533.03K
Margin: 62.00 (1.76 %)
Profit (Day): 11.83M coins

Nurse Shark Tooth

Buy Price: 3.57K coins
Sell Price: 2.08K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 34.34K
Sell Volume (Day): 46.43K
Margin: 1.49K (41.64 %)
Profit (Day): 51.02M coins

Enchanted Hay Bale

Buy Price: 3.7K coins
Sell Price: 3.3K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 95.34K
Sell Volume (Day): 70.2K
Margin: 397.30 (10.75 %)
Profit (Day): 27.89M coins

Spooky Shard

Buy Price: 3.7K coins
Sell Price: 2.12K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 5.17K
Sell Volume (Day): 8.55K
Margin: 1.58K (42.76 %)
Profit (Day): 8.18M coins

Enchanted Obsidian

Buy Price: 3.89K coins
Sell Price: 3.75K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 444.99K
Sell Volume (Day): 1.34M
Margin: 143.80 (3.69 %)
Profit (Day): 63.99M coins

Grand Experience Bottle

Buy Price: 4.1K coins
Sell Price: 3.95K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 622.9K
Sell Volume (Day): 228.6K
Margin: 143.70 (3.51 %)
Profit (Day): 32.85M coins


Buy Price: 5K coins
Sell Price: 3.79K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 163.56K
Sell Volume (Day): 304.77K
Margin: 1.21K (24.18 %)
Profit (Day): 197.73M coins

Enchanted Eye of Ender

Buy Price: 5.75K coins
Sell Price: 5.47K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 82.02K
Sell Volume (Day): 88.03K
Margin: 279.10 (4.85 %)
Profit (Day): 22.89M coins

White Gift

Buy Price: 5.77K coins
Sell Price: 5.5K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 190.81K
Sell Volume (Day): 190.68K
Margin: 275.70 (4.78 %)
Profit (Day): 52.57M coins

Enchanted Ancient Claw

Buy Price: 6K coins
Sell Price: 3.55K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 2.55K
Sell Volume (Day): 2.7K
Margin: 2.44K (40.76 %)
Profit (Day): 6.23M coins

Purple Candy

Buy Price: 6.93K coins
Sell Price: 6.8K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 165.54K
Sell Volume (Day): 242.24K
Margin: 134.80 (1.94 %)
Profit (Day): 22.32M coins

Enchanted Brown Mushroom Block

Buy Price: 7.9K coins
Sell Price: 6.1K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 292
Sell Volume (Day): 477
Margin: 1.8K (22.78 %)
Profit (Day): 525.57K coins

Enchanted Leather

Buy Price: 8.03K coins
Sell Price: 7.48K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 77.64K
Sell Volume (Day): 82.67K
Margin: 551.00 (6.86 %)
Profit (Day): 42.78M coins

Green Gift

Buy Price: 8.1K coins
Sell Price: 7.31K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 46.9K
Sell Volume (Day): 54.99K
Margin: 780.80 (9.64 %)
Profit (Day): 36.62M coins

Enchanted Glistering Melon

Buy Price: 8.72K coins
Sell Price: 6.36K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 1.32K
Sell Volume (Day): 1.34K
Margin: 2.36K (27.10 %)
Profit (Day): 3.13M coins


Buy Price: 9.28K coins
Sell Price: 8.25K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 8.85K
Sell Volume (Day): 8.93K
Margin: 1.03K (11.10 %)
Profit (Day): 9.11M coins

Jacob's Ticket

Buy Price: 10.13K coins
Sell Price: 9.86K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 178.38K
Sell Volume (Day): 179.81K
Margin: 275.50 (2.72 %)
Profit (Day): 49.14M coins

Enchanted Cake

Buy Price: 10.49K coins
Sell Price: 6.8K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 157
Sell Volume (Day): 820
Margin: 3.69K (35.16 %)
Profit (Day): 579K coins

Absolute Ender Pearl

Buy Price: 12.6K coins
Sell Price: 11.09K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 12.04K
Sell Volume (Day): 16K
Margin: 1.51K (12.03 %)
Profit (Day): 18.25M coins

Enchanted Carrot on a Stick

Buy Price: 12.88K coins
Sell Price: 7.55K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 94
Sell Volume (Day): 304
Margin: 5.33K (41.38 %)
Profit (Day): 501.04K coins

Strong Fragment

Buy Price: 14.23K coins
Sell Price: 13.11K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 18.52K
Sell Volume (Day): 24.45K
Margin: 1.11K (7.82 %)
Profit (Day): 20.61M coins

Enchanted Lily Pad

Buy Price: 15.28K coins
Sell Price: 13.33K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 11.54K
Sell Volume (Day): 9.86K
Margin: 1.95K (12.79 %)
Profit (Day): 19.27M coins

Wise Fragment

Buy Price: 15.56K coins
Sell Price: 14.32K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 19.15K
Sell Volume (Day): 25.25K
Margin: 1.24K (7.94 %)
Profit (Day): 23.65M coins


Buy Price: 15.9K coins
Sell Price: 12.75K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 10.2K
Sell Volume (Day): 20.59K
Margin: 3.15K (19.81 %)
Profit (Day): 32.11M coins

Enchanted Shark Fin

Buy Price: 18.93K coins
Sell Price: 14.27K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 1.8K
Sell Volume (Day): 1.49K
Margin: 4.66K (24.60 %)
Profit (Day): 6.96M coins

Enchanted Titanium

Buy Price: 19.24K coins
Sell Price: 18.28K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 52.85K
Sell Volume (Day): 45.52K
Margin: 953.60 (4.96 %)
Profit (Day): 43.41M coins

Werewolf Skin

Buy Price: 21K coins
Sell Price: 18.06K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 8.02K
Sell Volume (Day): 8.03K
Margin: 2.94K (14.00 %)
Profit (Day): 23.58M coins

Hamster Wheel

Buy Price: 21.9K coins
Sell Price: 20.95K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 19.25K
Sell Volume (Day): 14.7K
Margin: 941.40 (4.30 %)
Profit (Day): 13.84M coins

Enchanted Rabbit Hide

Buy Price: 24.8K coins
Sell Price: 21.35K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 13.06K
Sell Volume (Day): 10.32K
Margin: 3.45K (13.92 %)
Profit (Day): 35.61M coins

Tiger Shark Tooth

Buy Price: 25K coins
Sell Price: 17.83K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 2.09K
Sell Volume (Day): 2.15K
Margin: 7.17K (28.67 %)
Profit (Day): 15.01M coins

Foul Flesh

Buy Price: 25.53K coins
Sell Price: 24.9K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 12.36K
Sell Volume (Day): 24.68K
Margin: 632.70 (2.48 %)
Profit (Day): 7.82M coins

Enchanted Melon Block

Buy Price: 25.66K coins
Sell Price: 25.2K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 22.46K
Sell Volume (Day): 52.23K
Margin: 463.40 (1.81 %)
Profit (Day): 10.41M coins

Enchanted Red Mushroom Block

Buy Price: 28.07K coins
Sell Price: 24.25K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 816
Sell Volume (Day): 310
Margin: 3.82K (13.61 %)
Profit (Day): 1.18M coins

Enchanted Baked Potato

Buy Price: 29.28K coins
Sell Price: 28.41K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 42.74K
Sell Volume (Day): 59.94K
Margin: 871.50 (2.98 %)
Profit (Day): 37.25M coins

Hot Potato Book

Buy Price: 31.23K coins
Sell Price: 30.68K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 75.47K
Sell Volume (Day): 16.08K
Margin: 547.80 (1.75 %)
Profit (Day): 8.81M coins


Buy Price: 36.57K coins
Sell Price: 32.76K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 40.76K
Sell Volume (Day): 30.23K
Margin: 3.8K (10.40 %)
Profit (Day): 115M coins

Null Atom

Buy Price: 36.67K coins
Sell Price: 33.2K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 1.6K
Sell Volume (Day): 2.78K
Margin: 3.47K (9.47 %)
Profit (Day): 5.56M coins


Buy Price: 37.86K coins
Sell Price: 33.8K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 10.37K
Sell Volume (Day): 11.48K
Margin: 4.06K (10.73 %)
Profit (Day): 42.13M coins

Enchanted Golden Carrot

Buy Price: 38.63K coins
Sell Price: 34.5K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 30.34K
Sell Volume (Day): 25.52K
Margin: 4.13K (10.69 %)
Profit (Day): 105.39M coins


Buy Price: 41.65K coins
Sell Price: 37K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 17.49K
Sell Volume (Day): 16.71K
Margin: 4.65K (11.16 %)
Profit (Day): 77.71M coins

Griffin Feather

Buy Price: 47.5K coins
Sell Price: 45.03K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 38.16K
Sell Volume (Day): 12.4K
Margin: 2.47K (5.20 %)
Profit (Day): 30.62M coins

Enchanted Redstone Block

Buy Price: 48.78K coins
Sell Price: 46.83K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 38.73K
Sell Volume (Day): 47.71K
Margin: 1.95K (4.00 %)
Profit (Day): 75.64M coins

Enchanted Lapis Block

Buy Price: 49.89K coins
Sell Price: 47.76K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 26.35K
Sell Volume (Day): 57.09K
Margin: 2.14K (4.29 %)
Profit (Day): 56.34M coins

Revenant Viscera

Buy Price: 50K coins
Sell Price: 43.91K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 39.06K
Sell Volume (Day): 23.75K
Margin: 6.09K (12.18 %)
Profit (Day): 144.62M coins

Enchanted Cactus

Buy Price: 51K coins
Sell Price: 47.16K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 2.1K
Sell Volume (Day): 1.38K
Margin: 3.84K (7.53 %)
Profit (Day): 5.31M coins

Red Gift

Buy Price: 52.6K coins
Sell Price: 49.08K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 24.28K
Sell Volume (Day): 22.97K
Margin: 3.51K (6.68 %)
Profit (Day): 80.72M coins


Buy Price: 53.2K coins
Sell Price: 45.25K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 6K
Sell Volume (Day): 4.6K
Margin: 7.95K (14.95 %)
Profit (Day): 36.57M coins


Buy Price: 53.23K coins
Sell Price: 37.05K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 8.74K
Sell Volume (Day): 6.88K
Margin: 16.18K (30.40 %)
Profit (Day): 111.29M coins

Enchanted Sugar Cane

Buy Price: 54K coins
Sell Price: 53.03K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 52.66K
Sell Volume (Day): 45.83K
Margin: 971.20 (1.80 %)
Profit (Day): 44.51M coins


Buy Price: 55.8K coins
Sell Price: 51.65K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 34.95K
Sell Volume (Day): 29.33K
Margin: 4.15K (7.44 %)
Profit (Day): 121.72M coins


Buy Price: 56K coins
Sell Price: 48.42K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 7.95K
Sell Volume (Day): 5.33K
Margin: 7.58K (13.54 %)
Profit (Day): 40.43M coins

Enchanted Bone Block

Buy Price: 58K coins
Sell Price: 52.28K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 340
Sell Volume (Day): 563
Margin: 5.72K (9.87 %)
Profit (Day): 1.95M coins

Enchanted Glowstone

Buy Price: 63.16K coins
Sell Price: 62.21K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 5.35K
Sell Volume (Day): 5.67K
Margin: 941.10 (1.49 %)
Profit (Day): 5.03M coins

Enchanted Cookie

Buy Price: 63.87K coins
Sell Price: 61.28K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 3.49K
Sell Volume (Day): 1.83K
Margin: 2.58K (4.04 %)
Profit (Day): 4.73M coins

Refined Mineral

Buy Price: 65.59K coins
Sell Price: 62.65K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 8.38K
Sell Volume (Day): 15.92K
Margin: 2.94K (4.48 %)
Profit (Day): 24.6M coins

Enchanted Ink Sack

Buy Price: 66.55K coins
Sell Price: 63.9K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 6.06K
Sell Volume (Day): 4.22K
Margin: 2.64K (3.97 %)
Profit (Day): 11.16M coins

Enchanted Redstone Lamp

Buy Price: 71.9K coins
Sell Price: 62.8K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 587
Sell Volume (Day): 1.21K
Margin: 9.1K (12.65 %)
Profit (Day): 5.34M coins

Mutant Nether Wart

Buy Price: 76.75K coins
Sell Price: 76.13K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 40.63K
Sell Volume (Day): 125.2K
Margin: 617.50 (0.80 %)
Profit (Day): 25.09M coins

Enchanted Fermented Spider Eye

Buy Price: 78K coins
Sell Price: 64.07K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 9.9K
Sell Volume (Day): 7.45K
Margin: 13.93K (17.86 %)
Profit (Day): 103.84M coins


Buy Price: 79.95K coins
Sell Price: 78.6K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 9.74K
Sell Volume (Day): 27.94K
Margin: 1.35K (1.69 %)
Profit (Day): 13.15M coins


Buy Price: 81.99K coins
Sell Price: 70K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 7.27K
Sell Volume (Day): 8.54K
Margin: 11.99K (14.62 %)
Profit (Day): 87.12M coins


Buy Price: 90.08K coins
Sell Price: 82.79K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 4.04K
Sell Volume (Day): 2.62K
Margin: 7.29K (8.10 %)
Profit (Day): 19.09M coins

Enchanted Wet Sponge

Buy Price: 91.3K coins
Sell Price: 86.35K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 2.68K
Sell Volume (Day): 2.17K
Margin: 4.95K (5.42 %)
Profit (Day): 10.76M coins

Hyper Catalyst

Buy Price: 99K coins
Sell Price: 95.57K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 26.41K
Sell Volume (Day): 12.41K
Margin: 3.42K (3.46 %)
Profit (Day): 42.5M coins

Golden Tooth

Buy Price: 100K coins
Sell Price: 74.59K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 14.54K
Sell Volume (Day): 6.86K
Margin: 25.41K (25.41 %)
Profit (Day): 174.38M coins

Enchanted Packed Ice

Buy Price: 103K coins
Sell Price: 95.87K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 8.48K
Sell Volume (Day): 9.62K
Margin: 7.13K (6.92 %)
Profit (Day): 60.48M coins

Green Jerry Box

Buy Price: 103.3K coins
Sell Price: 90.31K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 5.68K
Sell Volume (Day): 3.5K
Margin: 12.99K (12.57 %)
Profit (Day): 45.41M coins

Tarantula Silk

Buy Price: 122.72K coins
Sell Price: 116.94K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 12.63K
Sell Volume (Day): 5.3K
Margin: 5.78K (4.71 %)
Profit (Day): 30.68M coins

Superior Fragment

Buy Price: 129.06K coins
Sell Price: 120.67K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 9.3K
Sell Volume (Day): 15.05K
Margin: 8.39K (6.50 %)
Profit (Day): 78.07M coins

Blue Jerry Box

Buy Price: 133.54K coins
Sell Price: 114K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 2.06K
Sell Volume (Day): 878
Margin: 19.54K (14.63 %)
Profit (Day): 17.16M coins

Enchanted Cooked Mutton

Buy Price: 133.99K coins
Sell Price: 124.5K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 434
Sell Volume (Day): 3.03K
Margin: 9.49K (7.09 %)
Profit (Day): 4.12M coins

Enchanted Firework Rocket

Buy Price: 146.2K coins
Sell Price: 112.1K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 5.93K
Sell Volume (Day): 6K
Margin: 34.1K (23.33 %)
Profit (Day): 202.33M coins

Enchanted Grilled Pork

Buy Price: 146.81K coins
Sell Price: 143K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 1.84K
Sell Volume (Day): 2.14K
Margin: 3.81K (2.60 %)
Profit (Day): 7.01M coins

Enchanted Block of Coal

Buy Price: 148.37K coins
Sell Price: 144.41K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 6.62K
Sell Volume (Day): 13.4K
Margin: 3.96K (2.67 %)
Profit (Day): 26.18M coins

Enchanted Emerald Block

Buy Price: 160.23K coins
Sell Price: 153.6K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 2.01K
Sell Volume (Day): 3.07K
Margin: 6.63K (4.14 %)
Profit (Day): 13.3M coins

Enchanted Slime Block

Buy Price: 164.54K coins
Sell Price: 128K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 487
Sell Volume (Day): 682
Margin: 36.53K (22.20 %)
Profit (Day): 17.79M coins

Super Enchanted Egg

Buy Price: 197.43K coins
Sell Price: 186.22K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 2.34K
Sell Volume (Day): 1.5K
Margin: 11.21K (5.68 %)
Profit (Day): 16.77M coins

Polished Pumpkin

Buy Price: 198.29K coins
Sell Price: 164.01K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 3.91K
Sell Volume (Day): 3.36K
Margin: 34.28K (17.29 %)
Profit (Day): 115.03M coins

Enchanted Diamond Block

Buy Price: 207.93K coins
Sell Price: 203.37K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 29.58K
Sell Volume (Day): 53.66K
Margin: 4.56K (2.19 %)
Profit (Day): 134.79M coins

Enchanted Gold Block

Buy Price: 225K coins
Sell Price: 204.95K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 16.52K
Sell Volume (Day): 20.27K
Margin: 20.05K (8.91 %)
Profit (Day): 331.14M coins

Pumpkin Guts

Buy Price: 234K coins
Sell Price: 107.7K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 2.44K
Sell Volume (Day): 2.34K
Margin: 126.29K (53.97 %)
Profit (Day): 295.02M coins

Stock of Stonks

Buy Price: 245.7K coins
Sell Price: 227.95K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 3.9K
Sell Volume (Day): 5.28K
Margin: 17.74K (7.22 %)
Profit (Day): 69.23M coins

Enchanted Iron Block

Buy Price: 283.2K coins
Sell Price: 275.55K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 11.85K
Sell Volume (Day): 11.97K
Margin: 7.65K (2.70 %)
Profit (Day): 90.58M coins

Enchanted Cooked Salmon

Buy Price: 283.3K coins
Sell Price: 255K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 295
Sell Volume (Day): 650
Margin: 28.3K (9.99 %)
Profit (Day): 8.35M coins

Refined Mithril

Buy Price: 299.27K coins
Sell Price: 290.31K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 4.04K
Sell Volume (Day): 3.29K
Margin: 8.96K (2.99 %)
Profit (Day): 29.44M coins

Power Crystal

Buy Price: 310K coins
Sell Price: 290.05K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 3.51K
Sell Volume (Day): 1.03K
Margin: 19.95K (6.44 %)
Profit (Day): 20.55M coins

Titanic Experience Bottle

Buy Price: 311.67K coins
Sell Price: 300.16K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 20.09K
Sell Volume (Day): 8.89K
Margin: 11.51K (3.69 %)
Profit (Day): 102.39M coins

Enchanted Lava Bucket

Buy Price: 319.99K coins
Sell Price: 304.99K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 13.24K
Sell Volume (Day): 7.16K
Margin: 15.01K (4.69 %)
Profit (Day): 107.49M coins

Purple Jerry Box

Buy Price: 321K coins
Sell Price: 286.5K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 2.9K
Sell Volume (Day): 494
Margin: 34.5K (10.75 %)
Profit (Day): 17.04M coins

Enchanted Blaze Rod

Buy Price: 334.5K coins
Sell Price: 277K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 2.71K
Sell Volume (Day): 3.58K
Margin: 57.5K (17.19 %)
Profit (Day): 155.88M coins

Enchanted Quartz Block

Buy Price: 354.94K coins
Sell Price: 333.4K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 9.52K
Sell Volume (Day): 13.64K
Margin: 21.54K (6.07 %)
Profit (Day): 205.01M coins

Null Ovoid

Buy Price: 359.18K coins
Sell Price: 340K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 22.81K
Sell Volume (Day): 11.39K
Margin: 19.18K (5.34 %)
Profit (Day): 218.42M coins

Refined Titanium

Buy Price: 378K coins
Sell Price: 356.08K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 5.31K
Sell Volume (Day): 3.89K
Margin: 21.92K (5.80 %)
Profit (Day): 85.29M coins

Refined Diamond

Buy Price: 434.16K coins
Sell Price: 418.68K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 2K
Sell Volume (Day): 1.14K
Margin: 15.48K (3.57 %)
Profit (Day): 17.58M coins

Enchanted Cooked Fish

Buy Price: 492.43K coins
Sell Price: 430.97K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 2.47K
Sell Volume (Day): 1.7K
Margin: 61.46K (12.48 %)
Profit (Day): 104.73M coins

Tightly-Tied Hay Bale

Buy Price: 495.42K coins
Sell Price: 427.21K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 288
Sell Volume (Day): 319
Margin: 68.2K (13.77 %)
Profit (Day): 19.64M coins

Super Compactor 3000

Buy Price: 579.49K coins
Sell Price: 560K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 14.53K
Sell Volume (Day): 9.81K
Margin: 19.49K (3.36 %)
Profit (Day): 191.21M coins

Colossal Experience Bottle

Buy Price: 730.78K coins
Sell Price: 706K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 1.17K
Sell Volume (Day): 951
Margin: 24.78K (3.39 %)
Profit (Day): 23.56M coins

Dwarven Compactor

Buy Price: 733.94K coins
Sell Price: 662.76K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 843
Sell Volume (Day): 675
Margin: 71.18K (9.70 %)
Profit (Day): 48.04M coins

Great White Shark Tooth

Buy Price: 882.2K coins
Sell Price: 812.1K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 676
Sell Volume (Day): 252
Margin: 70.09K (7.95 %)
Profit (Day): 17.66M coins

Summoning Eye

Buy Price: 898.77K coins
Sell Price: 880.36K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 12.68K
Sell Volume (Day): 14.51K
Margin: 18.41K (2.05 %)
Profit (Day): 233.4M coins

Soul Fragment

Buy Price: 918.81K coins
Sell Price: 817.38K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 448
Sell Volume (Day): 476
Margin: 101.43K (11.04 %)
Profit (Day): 45.44M coins

Fuming Potato Book

Buy Price: 995.87K coins
Sell Price: 969.34K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 3.82K
Sell Volume (Day): 3.56K
Margin: 26.54K (2.66 %)
Profit (Day): 94.4M coins

Golden Jerry Box

Buy Price: 1.28M coins
Sell Price: 1.21M coins
Buy Volume (Day): 735
Sell Volume (Day): 382
Margin: 76.94K (6.00 %)
Profit (Day): 29.39M coins

Magma Bucket

Buy Price: 1.89M coins
Sell Price: 1.8M coins
Buy Volume (Day): 770
Sell Volume (Day): 718
Margin: 90.11K (4.77 %)
Profit (Day): 64.7M coins


Buy Price: 1.9M coins
Sell Price: 1.64M coins
Buy Volume (Day): 293
Sell Volume (Day): 235
Margin: 262K (13.79 %)
Profit (Day): 61.57M coins

Booster Cookie

Buy Price: 2.7M coins
Sell Price: 2.64M coins
Buy Volume (Day): 12.28K
Sell Volume (Day): 12.85K
Margin: 56.96K (2.11 %)
Profit (Day): 699.24M coins


Buy Price: 2.7M coins
Sell Price: 2.51M coins
Buy Volume (Day): 786
Sell Volume (Day): 547
Margin: 189.07K (7.00 %)
Profit (Day): 103.42M coins


Buy Price: 3.22M coins
Sell Price: 2.6M coins
Buy Volume (Day): 726
Sell Volume (Day): 499
Margin: 622.72K (19.32 %)
Profit (Day): 310.74M coins


Buy Price: 3.23M coins
Sell Price: 2.5M coins
Buy Volume (Day): 81
Sell Volume (Day): 105
Margin: 733.19K (22.68 %)
Profit (Day): 59.39M coins


Buy Price: 3.29M coins
Sell Price: 2.75M coins
Buy Volume (Day): 330
Sell Volume (Day): 350
Margin: 536.07K (16.31 %)
Profit (Day): 176.9M coins


Buy Price: 3.5M coins
Sell Price: 2.43M coins
Buy Volume (Day): 62
Sell Volume (Day): 76
Margin: 1.07M (30.54 %)
Profit (Day): 66.26M coins


Buy Price: 3.6M coins
Sell Price: 3.06M coins
Buy Volume (Day): 424
Sell Volume (Day): 285
Margin: 541.64K (15.05 %)
Profit (Day): 154.37M coins


Buy Price: 4.75M coins
Sell Price: 3.9M coins
Buy Volume (Day): 227
Sell Volume (Day): 160
Margin: 847.5K (17.85 %)
Profit (Day): 135.6M coins

Plasma Bucket

Buy Price: 4.85M coins
Sell Price: 4.73M coins
Buy Volume (Day): 500
Sell Volume (Day): 457
Margin: 116.44K (2.40 %)
Profit (Day): 53.22M coins

Recombobulator 3000

Buy Price: 5.78M coins
Sell Price: 5.66M coins
Buy Volume (Day): 3.76K
Sell Volume (Day): 3.38K
Margin: 115.16K (1.99 %)
Profit (Day): 388.79M coins

Daedalus Stick

Buy Price: 12.23M coins
Sell Price: 10.02M coins
Buy Volume (Day): 54
Sell Volume (Day): 17
Margin: 2.21M (18.10 %)
Profit (Day): 37.64M coins


Buy Price: 15M coins
Sell Price: 12M coins
Buy Volume (Day): 15
Sell Volume (Day): 12
Margin: 3M (20.00 %)
Profit (Day): 36M coins


Buy Price: 17.25M coins
Sell Price: 13.21M coins
Buy Volume (Day): 146
Sell Volume (Day): 105
Margin: 4.04M (23.41 %)
Profit (Day): 423.94M coins


Buy Price: 17.5M coins
Sell Price: 15M coins
Buy Volume (Day): 224
Sell Volume (Day): 154
Margin: 2.5M (14.29 %)
Profit (Day): 385M coins


Buy Price: 19.08M coins
Sell Price: 15M coins
Buy Volume (Day): 23
Sell Volume (Day): 22
Margin: 4.08M (21.37 %)
Profit (Day): 89.71M coins


Buy Price: 22.69M coins
Sell Price: 18.11M coins
Buy Volume (Day): 9
Sell Volume (Day): 13
Margin: 4.58M (20.18 %)
Profit (Day): 41.22M coins


Buy Price: 24.74M coins
Sell Price: 19.36M coins
Buy Volume (Day): 65
Sell Volume (Day): 47
Margin: 5.38M (21.74 %)
Profit (Day): 252.78M coins


Buy Price: 65M coins
Sell Price: 50.53M coins
Buy Volume (Day): 13
Sell Volume (Day): 11
Margin: 14.47M (22.27 %)
Profit (Day): 159.22M coins