Plans for this site

A hopeful message from the creator

For some people, Hypixel Skyblock might be their first encounter with a market system (bazaar) and trading (auction house). Over $200,000 worth of Coins are transfered through the bazaar a day. This allows for flippers to make a profit without doing too much hard work. On Skyblock creating an order and flipping an order is just a couple clicks, the difficult part is deciding what item to flip.

With over 250 items on the Bazaar, finding an item that fits you can be difficult. Some people like to have trades instantly go through and others don't mind having an order sit overnight. Bazaar Tycoon allows anyone to find an item to flip.

Bazaar Tycoon collects over 11 million datapoints a day so you can find an item to flip. In the future I hope to add market watch tools, profile tracking, and an overall better display for the data.

This is the first update to the website, so please enjoy-