So in case you were wondering what this is all about ...

Bazaar Tycoon collects and stores all bazaar datapoints every minute using the Hypixel API. The purpose of Bazaar Tycoon is to find the best flips and investments on the Bazaar.

Best Flips

Currently the Best Flips

Highest potential profit per hour

Booster Cookie

Buy Price: 2.7M coins
Sell Price: 2.64M coins
Buy Volume (Day): 12.28K
Sell Volume (Day): 12.85K
Margin: 56.96K (2.11 %)
Profit (Day): 699.24M coins


Buy Price: 17.25M coins
Sell Price: 13.21M coins
Buy Volume (Day): 146
Sell Volume (Day): 105
Margin: 4.04M (23.41 %)
Profit (Day): 423.94M coins

Recombobulator 3000

Buy Price: 5.78M coins
Sell Price: 5.66M coins
Buy Volume (Day): 3.76K
Sell Volume (Day): 3.38K
Margin: 115.16K (1.99 %)
Profit (Day): 388.79M coins


Buy Price: 17.5M coins
Sell Price: 15M coins
Buy Volume (Day): 224
Sell Volume (Day): 154
Margin: 2.5M (14.29 %)
Profit (Day): 385M coins

Enchanted Gold Block

Buy Price: 225K coins
Sell Price: 204.95K coins
Buy Volume (Day): 16.52K
Sell Volume (Day): 20.27K
Margin: 20.05K (8.91 %)
Profit (Day): 331.14M coins


Buy Price: 3.22M coins
Sell Price: 2.6M coins
Buy Volume (Day): 726
Sell Volume (Day): 499
Margin: 622.72K (19.32 %)
Profit (Day): 310.74M coins

Highest Volume

Currently the Highest Volume

Fastest flips on the bazaar

Nether Wart

Buy Price: 3.70 coins
Sell Price: 2.40 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 17.86M
Sell Volume (Day): 27.04M
Margin: 1.30 (35.14 %)
Profit (Day): 23.22M coins


Buy Price: 4.30 coins
Sell Price: 2.80 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 11.77M
Sell Volume (Day): 14.44M
Margin: 1.50 (34.88 %)
Profit (Day): 17.65M coins


Buy Price: 2.70 coins
Sell Price: 1.30 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 7.83M
Sell Volume (Day): 12.23M
Margin: 1.40 (51.85 %)
Profit (Day): 10.96M coins

Sugar Cane

Buy Price: 2.40 coins
Sell Price: 1.40 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 7.09M
Sell Volume (Day): 17.16M
Margin: 1.00 (41.67 %)
Profit (Day): 7.09M coins


Buy Price: 6.00 coins
Sell Price: 5.00 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 5.94M
Sell Volume (Day): 53.07M
Margin: 1.00 (16.67 %)
Profit (Day): 5.94M coins


Buy Price: 1.90 coins
Sell Price: 1.30 coins
Buy Volume (Day): 5.34M
Sell Volume (Day): 8.92M
Margin: 0.60 (31.58 %)
Profit (Day): 3.2M coins